January 24, 2013

Post 11

A few months ago I noticed he has growths of skin at the base of his spine near his bottom. I have read about this before in Costello children. They look like skin tags. The skin tags indicate possible channels growing into the spinal cord. This could explain why he has been unable to walk all this time.

Gabriel went in for a MRI to determine if he had a tethered spinal cord. He ran a low fever the prior night but had no fever the morning of the test, so they proceeded. When putting him to sleep they intubated him. There were complications that resulted in his going to ICU on oxygen for 12 days, followed by an additional 5 days with oxygen on the Pulmonology floor.  Four days into his stay he tested positive for a rhinovirus, so they presume that was the cause for the complications. Eventually Gabriel was sent home with oxygen tanks but thankfully we haven’t had to use them yet. A few weeks after being home Gabriel went for another chest X-ray and they discovered he had pneumonia. I decided it would be best to keep Gabriel home from school for the next few months. He needs to make a full recovery and then some. I have put my classes on hold and will return to school my self once we are over this hump. The good news is while Gabriel was in the hospital, we received the news that the MRI on his spinal cord was all clear. Gabriel does not have a tethered spinal cord. 


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