February 25, 2012

Post 3

From December 2010 through January of 2011, my son was still in the NICU. We still did not have a diagnosis for Gabriel. The doctors did genetic tests an MRI and other tests with still no answers as to what was wrong. I had worked for a major cosmetic company and was granted extended maternity leave, but without pay.The financial stress was weighing in heavily, sleep was limited and emotions were strong.
Then again one day, I was asked to leave the room when my son’s heart rate shot up into the 300s. This time, the staff had decided they were going to cardiovert him. This would have been his second cardioversion in two months, only this time, like many times before, he came out of it on his own. It only lasted a few short minutes. The staff decided not to go through with the cardioversion.

About an hour later I was told by the nurse I could come back. The mood of the room was now calm and peaceful. It seemed as though nothing had occurred. He was resting peacefully with his eyes closed and swaddled snugly.

I was so frightened for him. I didn’t understand why the doctors couldn’t control his heart rate. I had been told time and time again that all he needed was an adjustment of medications and he would likely grow out of his heart condition.

It was scary that two months later, my baby was still experiencing episodes of
tachycardia and arrhythmia.

The medication obviously wasn’t working. And I knew we wouldn’t be going home just yet.